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Designs for Different Futures: FOOD

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Food fuels our futures, whether it’s soil-grown fare that we cultivate and cook with our own hands or synthetically manufactured in a lab. And our eating habits affect more than just our bodies. Food has great cultural and emotional resonance, but also has an impact on the habitats of many life forms. Right now, designers are experimenting at the intersections of biology, technology, and culture to question what nutrition, resource use, consumption, and joy in food will be in our tomorrows. Here, questions are raised around how farming, growing, feeding, and eating might gain new meanings, and how tastes and taboos might change.

Humanmade Vanillas

Simit Diet

Better Salmon?


Ouroboros Steak

Last Bananas

PancakeBot2.0 Food Printer

Personal Food Computer_EDU

Vapour Meat [HPO.3.1] alpha

Cricket Shelter: Modular Edible Insect Farm

Designed by Mitchell Joachim

Cricket Shelter: Modular Edible Insect Farm​



Your Mouth Has Power

MOLD Magazine

Your Mouth Has Power