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American Watercolors

Resources on watercolor societies from the 19th and 20th centuries in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.


New York Water Color Club

The New York Water Color Club (NYWCC) formed early in the fall of 1890 and held its first exhibition that November. The new club’s shows were entirely juried—a critique of the policies of the American Watercolor Society (AWS)—with many more women artists participating and the liberal inclusion of pastels and prints, which were excluded from the AWS annuals. Rival exhibitions continued until the two groups began to stage joint exhibitions in 1921. In 1922, policies were aligned, and many members of the NYWCC were elected to the AWS; the two groups merged in 1941. The rare extant catalogues for the exhibitions through 1921 have been gathered and made accessible here. Included below is an analytic chart of the exhibitions, with dates, venues, numbers of objects, and participants by gender; full membership rosters can be found in each catalogue. For more on the founding of the club, see American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent, pp. 291–92.



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We are grateful to the custodians of the original catalogues for allowing us to include them here: the Boston Public Library; Frick Art Reference Library, New York; and Thomas J. Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.