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American Watercolors

Resources on watercolor societies from the 19th and 20th centuries in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.


Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters

Organized in 1901, two years after the American Society of Miniature Painters formed in New York, the Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters (PSMP) held its first exhibition at the Galleries of Messrs. Craig, Evans & Harris in Philadelphia in November 1902. Subsequent exhibitions were staged at the McClees Gallery before finally moving to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in 1906. Beginning in November 1909, the PSMP show occurred alongside PAFA’s annual “Water Color Exhibition”, and both exhibitions were gathered into the same catalogue beginning in 1913. No checklists have been discovered from before 1906; assembled here are the separate extant catalogues from 1906 to 1912 and the combined exhibition catalogues from 1907 to 1922. The analytic chart of the PSMP exhibitions (below) outlines the dates and statistics for the years 1906 through 1922. The membership of the club is listed in each catalogue. These annual miniature exhibitions continued in Philadelphia until 1951. In 1954 the collection of the PSMP was given to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On the miniature revival and the formation of these clubs, see American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent, pp. 259–60, 446n14.



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1902* 1909 1916
1903* 1910 1917
1904* 1911 1918
1905* 1912 1919
1906 1913 1920
1907 1914 1921
1908 1915 1922

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We are grateful to the Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock Archives at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for allowing us to digitize and include these catalogues here.