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Image Guide

A guide to finding and using images in the museum collections and elsewhere.

Object Images

Philadelphia Museum of Art makes available, without charge, available digital images of its collection.

Object Pages
Over 200,000 object images are available for download on the online collections database. Most downloadable images are adequate for electronic display. If you need a larger file for publication or new photography, you can request these services by contacting the library


  • Not every object in the collection has been photographed
  • Copyright, donor, and other restrictions may also limit the distribution of collections imagery
  • There are thousands of analog photographs of objects in the Archives

Archival Object Photography

Archival object photography can be found in our Rights and Reproductions Collection and the Museum Slide Collection. They exist in a number of formats, including 5×7" and 8×10" prints, color transparencies, 35mm slides, 35mm negatives. If you are looking for legacy object photography, please contact the Archives with the accession number of the object you are interested in. Please note that some of these photographs are stored off-site and requests may take a bit more time to retrieve.

Digital Collections